I love the new opportunities and fun of trying new schedules (even though sometimes they completely fail!)

However, amidst all of the new year craziness of setting goals, it is important to remember that not all goals are for everyone, in fact, there are some goals you should never set.

Want a successful year? Avoid setting these goals:

Do “More…..”

I know you’re thinking, wait-but I want to lose more weight this year, read more books, exercise more…!

Stay with me here.

I think that losing weight, reading, and exercise are all great goals. The problem I have is with the word “more.”

“More” is a wishy washy, non-specific, set yourself up for failure kind of word. Instead of defining what you want to accomplish “I will read 100 books this year,” which gives you a specific goal to shoot for, saying “I will read more books this year” leaves you without a target.

Think about it, are you likely to get up at 6am to workout because you decided that you needed to workout “more” or because you decided to workout Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and today just so happens to be Monday?

Do yourself and your goals a favor. Don’t use vague words like more and better when setting your goals. Make them specific, and you’ll have a much higher success rate.

I will be like “so and so”

We’ve all heard that “comparison is the thief of joy.”

And let’s face it, it’s true!

We’ve all fallen prey to the comparison game at one point or another. In the blogging business it’s easy to see the growth and popularity of another blog and think “I need to do X, Y, and Z, so that I can be successful like her!” As a homemaker it’s easy to see the pretty organized houses of other women and think “This year I’m going to get my act together just like her!”

Your goals should never be entirely based on what you see someone else doing and you should never push yourself to be someone else. God made us all different, with different purposes in life, and that’s okay! We’re not all going to have blossoming businesses or squeaky clean houses all of the time.

Mind you, it’s good to have positive role models in your life. The key is to see the positive goals and habits that they have and then figure out how you can apply some of their wisdom to your life.

You can learn from others, just don’t try to BE someone else!

Goals set out of guilt

Everyone (including me sometimes) seems to have an opinion of what goals you should set for the new year in order to achieve happiness. Run a 5k, lose 25 pounds, de-clutter your entire house etc.

You should do these certain things, and you will be successful, you should accomplish this list and your life will be awesome.

The problem with this, is that “shoulds” have a way of getting at you after awhile.

Maybe you set a goal to finish a project last year, and then life happened and that project is still sitting in your closet waiting to be resurrected.

It’s easy to think that you should set the same goal this year, that this year you’ll really get it done! Besides, you just feel so bad that you never finished it, you’re practically obligated to complete it, right?

Well, not always.

Sometimes it’s okay to let go of a project or a plan. Sometimes it’s just not the right time in life to do something, or maybe you never really wanted to do it in the first place!

As you sit down to write goals this year, don’t just transfer last year’s uncompleted goals to this year. First, reflect on them and compare them to who you are now (remember these were set a whole year ago!).

If you’re not convinced that you still want to set a certain goal (complete a project, etc.) just let it go!

Telling yourself “I should…” without actually believing it or being motivated to accomplish that goal just heaps guilt on you that you do not need to be carrying around!

You have permission to change your goals, in fact, you can set goals any time of year!