Best Shopping Malls in London: Get Encircle in International Fashion Hub With UK

London is popular for promoting and encouraging new styles. London is an international fashion hub that gives equal opportunities to everyone to showcase their styling sense. The Fashion Week in London will give inspiration for spring and summer. Many people come to London to embrace the British Culture, some people come to explore a new level of education and some people come to improve their fashion style. There is a list of the best shopping malls in London for tourists and citizens.

You can shop till you drop off in some of the biggest shopping malls in London.

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Kings Mall Shopping Center London

Kings Mall Shopping Center London King Street is a retail centre, residential place, and an office complex of fashion houses. This complex is a huge place and covers Kings Mall shopping centre, Kings Mall Parking Centre, One Lyric Office Building, and a modern Sovereign Court Housing Society. The five acres of Kings Mall shopping centre London is divided into two parts.  Kings Shopping Mall is the house of several famous outlets and restaurants like KFC, Greggs or Taco Bell.

Whiteleys Shopping Mall London

Whiteleys Shopping Mall London

“Whiteley’s Shopping Mall London was an old retail shopping mall that was owned by CC Land and Meyer Bergman. It was the biggest mall in London. Whiteleys shopping mall London’s main entrance is on Queensway. Whiteleys was closed by the government in December of last year.”

Six stars apartments, mixed use assets, and retail units are on the ground floor of the shopping mall.

Angel Central

Angel Central

One of the best shopping malls in London is named Angel Central. The central point of popular brands, boutiques, dining restaurants and entertainment is here. It is on Upper Street. You can see the metallic wings from a long distance. Angel Central has a trademark that can be found over all shopping centers and is an excellent location for a selfies.

London Victoria Shopping Mall

Victoria Shopping Mall

Victoria Place is where many brands and shopping malls are located. Victoria Place is a shopping center above the station. The best place for clothing, gifts, dining, and jewelry is the London Victoria Shopping Centre. One of the largest supermarkets in London is located at Victoria place. Fast food can be found at some of the big screen cinemas.

Pop Brixton Shopping Mall London

Pop Brixton Shopping Mall

“Pop Brixton is famous for promoting local businesses and designers and is an innovative shopping space. The home of almost 55 members of restaurants, entertainment, local design boutiques, retail markets, and digital startups is this shopping centre. If you’re looking for a place where you can get an amazing shopping experience without a bunch of stores then Pop Brixton is the place for you.”

Brent Cross Shopping Mall London

120 biggest shopping stores and 30 high-class dining restaurants can be found in the shopping centre. One of the best shopping malls in London has an extra spacious parking centre, a warm place for cheering glasses, and a free playing area for children. The best shopping mall in London for people who love making fashion statements has 2000 leading brands, boutiques and jewelry shops.

Harrods Shopping Mall London

Harrods Shopping Mall London

“In addition to fashion, fine jewelry, luxury beauty, branded watches, food, accessories, and several famous restaurants, Harrods London is another big shopping mall in London. One of the world’s best leading department stores gives you an amazing chance to explore the world of luxuriousness. Even behind its closed doors, the world of Harrods blooms with its monument.”

Final Words

Some of the best shopping malls in London can be found above. The best places to explore the world of fashion are in London.

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