It might just be me, but as far as creating a capsule wardrobe goes, I have the hardest time with winter clothes.

Summer is easy, you don’t need that much variety, just some t-shirts and tanks and you’re good to go! Fall and spring require some cardigans, but not too much extra.

But then winter comes along and I need tons of layers. And gloves. And boots.

It’s a good thing I don’t put a number on my closet, I’d be doomed!

And somehow all of my winter sweaters, gloves, and so on, don’t seem to go together as well as my fall wardrobe did. There’s less mixing and matching, and I definitely have certain sweaters that only go with one or two things!

Thankfully, clothes aren’t really that important in the grand scheme of things, and it’s okay to not have “the perfect” capsule wardrobe. It’s a learning process!

There is one idea though, that I’ve been intrigued by lately, and that’s the idea of a personal uniform.

Now don’t freak out and think that I’m going to tell you to only wear one thing all of time. I’m not even really into the personal uniform idea, but I have gotten some good ideas from those that have personal uniforms.

If you’ve never heard of having a personal uniform, it’s basically the idea that you wear the same outfit or same type of outfit everyday. For example, a blouse and jeans, or a skirt and t-shirt, any combination works, just as long as it’s the same type every day.

This winter, although I didn’t intend to, I have found myself falling into a bit of a personal uniform.

Long sleeve t-shirt. Sweater. Scarf (gotta have a scarf!). Boots.

That’s pretty much what I wear every day it’s below 50 degrees!

I have a few different sweaters, some more bulky than others, and plenty of t-shirts to layer underneath, so I’m generally good to go!

One of the main reasons that people choose to have personal uniforms is freedom from decision making in the morning, and I can definitely see the appeal of this!

If you have a basic formula, you don’t have to think to hard about what to wear, you can just grab and go!

If you’re interested in trying out the idea of a personal uniform, here are a few things to consider:

What kinds of styles/outfits do you lean towards?

Like I said before, after looking at my winter clothes, I definitely see a tendency towards wearing a basic sweater every day. Some of this may be a result of going to college in northern PA, it was so cold there I did all I could to bundle up!

What do you see popping up in your closet? Do you enjoy wearing skirts? Maybe you’ve got lots of flannel shirts that you just love. Whatever it is, maybe that would be a good base for your personal uniform!

Is it comfortable/practical?

If you’re going to wear a similar outfit everyday, you want it to be comfortable, right? If you are most comfortable in jeans and boots, go for that, if you just love wearing a dress to the office, that’s great!

Whatever your style is, be sure that you are comfortable in it, and that you still have a practical outfit for out of the ordinary occasions. For example, I tend to wear jeans and a sweater during the week, but I still have a couple of dresses for church, weddings, or other special events. It wouldn’t be practical for me to only have jeans!

This doesn’t follow the personal uniform idea exactly, but it’s what works for me! Never forget that you don’t have to follow someone else’s rules to minimize your wardrobe, do what fits your lifestyle.

Having a capsule wardrobe with less decisions to make is really freeing and helps me not focus so much on myself; how I look or what others will think of me. I know that the clothes I have are good and that they look good on me, so there’s nothing to worry about!

Maybe this winter you can redesign your closet too. Minimize the decisions you have to make in those dark early hours of the morning and try wearing somewhat of a personal uniform. You’ll be surprised at how fun it can be!