If you are reading this, you are probably either single or newly married and don’t yet have kids.  If that is you, let me implore you to: START YOUR OWN BUSINESS NOW.  

Yes, you may already have a full time job.  Yes, you may think you are already busy.

But, let me explain something.  You have waaaay more time than you think. And, if you could fast forward your life a couple years in the future with children at your side, and see yourself now, you would KNOW what I’m saying is true.

You see, a time will most likely come when you have children, whether biological or adopted.  And, you will want choices.

What do I mean?

You will want to have the choice on whether or not to return to work.  And, if you decide to return to work, you will want the choice to decide when that is going to happen.  You will not want to be held hostage by whatever options your employer gives you.

I watch sooo many friends who have children and then are completely heartbroken when they have to drop their 6 week old off at daycare.  They are torn between their children and career.  And, because they have become dependent on their job’s income, they choose the career.

My heart goes out to them, because I remember when my son was 6 weeks old and I couldn’t imagine trusting the hands of somebody else to care for him the way I do.

Now, please understand, I don’t say any of this in judgment.  I am simply speaking from experience and want to encourage you to take some proactive measures now so that you will have a secure financial foundation on which to build your family later.

>>And, for those of you who think that it will be your husband’s responsibility to figure things out and provide for the family, let’s have a chat…

I understand where you’re coming from.  And, I agree that ideally the husband should be able to carry the financial load.  However, I also know from experience that it’s not always that simple.  Jobs change. Businesses sometimes take longer than expected to generate a profit. And, things do not always work out as planned.

So, for you to be able to remove some of the stress and burden off your husband will greatly benefit your family’s health and well-being.

Now, how do you do this?  Well, let me paint a pretty picture for you…

Imagine starting a business on the side of your current responsibilities, even when you don’t need the extra money right now.  You could invest a couple hours a day in building your business.  (Way less than a full-time job.) You could learn the key principles behind being an entrepreneur. (Which takes time, just like going to school.)

You could build a strong foundation.  

And, then you could start bringing in an extra couple hundred dollars a month. At this point, you could start saving or investing the money.  Or shucks, you could even give the money away! But, the point is that you have done the hard work. The work that takes an initial large burst of energy and focus to get things moving.

This is HUGE! Because, when you have a little human that you are caring for 24/7, it will be WAY more challenging to find the time and have the ability to focus.

Let me explain.  Now, please understand motherhood is different for all woman. But, for me the first 6 months of my son’s life were a blur, because it took that long for him to sleep through the night. Therefore, I was totally sleep deprived.

Have you ever been sleep deprived for 6 months? Not 6 days. 6 months.

Let’s just say it is one of the most challenging things I ever went through. Because on top of not getting sufficient sleep, I now had a little human tied to me.  Sometimes literally. Ever seen the baby carriers?  Yeah…..

Well the fact is that when you have a baby, you all of a sudden become DISTRACTED. And, your main objective every day is to care for your new baby.  So, to think that one may have the fortitude and focus to start a new business at this time is slightly naïve.

But, you may be thinking…Well, I’ll just wait until they’re around a year old and life gets a little easier.  Guess what happens then? Well, I can tell you because I started my blog last June when my son was just turning a year old.  And, what I’ve experienced is that yes, life definitely gets easier as your little one becomes more self-sufficient.

However, your “free time” does not necessarily increase. And, the actual time you have to dedicate to your new venture pretty much lies in the fringe hours.  Those hours very simply reside super early in the morning, when you would prefer to be sleeping.  Or they are during nap times that fluctuate daily, or after your child goes to bed, which too can fluctuate.  And, depending on any particular day, you may or may not feel like “working” after you’ve already “worked” ALL day as a Mom.

So, I say all of that not to discourage anyone, because anything is possible. However, my encouragement to you today is….

Do the work now.  

Identify your passion.  Figure out what you are excited about and then build a business around it. Or, perhaps you prefer the “plug and play” system that comes with Network Marketing or Direct Sales.

Whatever it is, take action.  Apply focus.  So, then when you do become a Mama, the foundation is laid.  Now all you have to do is maintain and grow.  

You and your future family will be thankful that you did.